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Live online seminar

Self & Time management
in hybrid working environments


More productive & more efficient in the (home) office/mobile working

Zeitmanagement Online Seminar I Produktivität Online Training I Toni Burmeister

Self & Time management
in hybrid working environments

With more focus & Self-discipline to handle important tasks in a digitalized working world

Do you also increasingly work from home office/mobile working? Work environments have changed drastically due to the pandemic! But how do I stay disciplined and focused without working overtime and how do I work effectively with my team?

The solution: new prioritization, optimized work processes and increased self-motivation to change previous routines/working hours. In the online seminar, identify what is holding you back from work and how you can overcome these hurdles in the long term in order to master your everyday work with more focus!

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Content & learning goals


Self-management & Work style analysis

Exchange & Recognizing strengths and potential regarding work and time planning 

Working techniques & Time management tools & Tips


Improved organization & Save time by getting to know useful programs and tips


Time management & Self-organization in the (home) office

Time management methods & Productivity techniques

Differences & Special features in comparison - office vs. home office/mobile working

Pareto technique; Pomodoro Technique; Perfectionism trap, Eat the Frog etc.

Targeted prioritization


Focus on the important & difficult tasks e.g. Eisenhower matrix and biorhythm

Eliminate disruptive factors


Recognize and reduce interruptions for more focus

Optimal planning - from external to self-determination

Focused work with the deep work method, length estimation, buffers/blockers and healthy recovery phases

Procrastination ade


Techniques to increase self-discipline &  Increased motivation when working in the (home) office

More than








Your practical benefit

target 1.png

Improved Productivity & more focus

hourglass 1.png

More structured way of working and scheduling

Less overtime & more time for the essentials

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Finding your personal work flow / routine

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Reduction in stress levels and more balance at work & Leisure time

feedback 1.png

Optimized prioritization and effectiveness

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Increasing self-discipline/motivation

Online training formats

Live online training
4 hours

Virtual live impulse seminars give participants initial ideas for the topic including space for a more interactive exchange.

✔️ Trainer input

✔️First interactive exercises / methods 

✔️Q&A question session

Getting to know & diverse methods

Self-learning experiences

Space for best practice exchange/reflection

Live online training
Full day or 2 x 3.5 hours

Compact live online training provides a more comprehensive insight into the topic, including enough space for best practice exchange and interactive exercises

✔️ Trainer input

✔️ Interactive exercises/methods

✔️ Space for best practice exchange/reflection

✔️ Get to know each other & diverse methods

✔️ Self-learning experiences

✔️ Q&A question session

Boot camp
Live online training
1.5 days or 3 x 3h

The Bootcamp Live Online Training covers the topic in depth, with extensive interactive exercises, Self-study units & Space for exchange 

✔️ Trainer input

✔️ Interactive exercises/methods

✔️ Space for best practice exchange/reflection

✔️ Get to know each other & diverse methods

✔️ Self-learning experiences

✔️ Q&A question session

Methods / way of working


Online tools e.g. Mural

Breakout Sessions/

Rooms e.g. Zoom

High practical share & Smart inputs

Best practice -
Exchange & Examples

Self-learning &

Online Seminar & Training - Zeitmanagement, Stressmanagement, Präsentation 2

Customer testimonials

Online Seminar & Training - Zeitmanagement, Stressmanagement, Präsentation 1

About the coach

Since 2014, I have been supporting corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups as a certified online trainer, consultant and coach, e.g. VW, DB, E.ON, Porsche, PWC etc.

Furthermore, I have experience as: HR developer with responsibility for over 4,500 employees across Europe; Studied business psychology and worked as a lecturer at various universities, e.g. FH Fresnius, FH Westend.

Many employees are trapped in their old routines/thought patterns at work. I support your employees in finding the right routine for themselves & to rethink the current way of working.

More than 7000 satisfied participants, 5500 hours of training experience Virtual & in presence as well as the company's internal award "Trainer of the Year" as a trainer with the best annual feedback rate, confirm my expertise and passion as an online trainer.


Toni Burmeister

"We are the result of our daily routines!"

Value proposition


Happier, more productive & more motivated employees

Tailor-made concepts

Implementation guarantee & broad network of experts

Sustainable learning success and practical transfer

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