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Live Online Seminar



More stress-free, productive & balanced in the (home) office/mobile working

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Stress management & - 
healthy stress management
in hybrid working environments

With more resilience &
mental strength to face the stresses of challenging times

Do you also often feel stressed by: switching between working in the office and working from home, trouble with superiors/colleagues, time pressure?

Then you are not alone, because 9 out of 10 employees feel stressed in their day-to-day work!

White Sand and Stone

Contents & learning objectives


Stress in theory & practice

Stress myths; basics and positive aspects of stress 
based on the latest neuroscientific findings

Modern relaxation techniques


Get to know and try out practical relaxation methods and mindfulness techniques for everyday working life


Personal stress factors/stressors

Recognize triggers & energy robbers; recognize early warning signs

Routines for a positive mindset

Get to know morning & evening routines and techniques e.g. journaling, gratitude, 
meditation etc.

Stress management in the (home) office/mobile work


Tips, tricks & best practice exchange for a more conscious separation between work and leisure time

Prioritizing your own values

Recognizing goals & needs for more self-care

Driver check


Analysis & resolution of personal blockages

Stress management strategies for high stress levels


Stress reduction through practical methods and techniques, in theory and practical exercises

More than







Relaxing at Home

Your practical benefit


Reduction of stress levels and more balance in work and leisure time

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More efficient, more productive work,
without overload

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Strengthening personal resilience
resilience (resistance)

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Learning techniques to better deal with high workloads & internal pressure

Faster, more intensive regeneration

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Burnout prevention & more self-care

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More energy, strength & zest for action again

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Online training formats

Live webinars

Webinars are suitable for imparting knowledge to a large number of employees. This involves a keynote speech including Q&A.

✔️ Trainer input


✔️ Q&A Q&A session


Interactive exercises / methods


Space for best-practice exchange / reflection


Getting to know & diverse methods


Self-learning experiences

Live Online Training
4 hours

Virtual live impulse seminars give participants initial ideas for the topic, including space for a more interactive exchange.

✔️ Trainer input


✔️ First interactive exercises / methods 


✔️ Q&A Q&A session


Getting to know & various methods


Self-learning experiences


Space for best-practice exchange / reflection

Live Online Training
Full day or 2 x 3.5h

Compact Live Online Training gives a more comprehensive insight into the topic including enough space for best practice exchange and interactive exercises

✔️ Trainer input


✔️ Interactive exercises / methods


✔️ Space for best-practice exchange / reflection


✔️ Getting to know & diverse methods


✔️ Self-learning experiences


✔️ Q&A Q&A session

Live Online Training
1.5 days or 3 x 3h

The Bootcamp Live Online Training, deals with the topic in depth, with extensive interactive exercises, self-study units & space for exchange

✔️ Trainer input


✔️ Interactive exercises / methods


✔️ Space for best-practice exchange / reflection


✔️ Getting to know & diverse methods


✔️ Self-learning experiences


✔️ Q&A Q&A session

Methods / working methods


Online tools e.g. Mural

Breakout Sessions/

Rooms e.g. Zoom

Relaxation exercises & mental techniques

Best Practice -
Exchange & Examples

Self-learning &

Online Seminar & Training - Zeitmanagement, Stressmanagement, Präsentation 2

Customer testimonials


About the coach

Since 2014 I have been working as a certified online trainer, consultant and coach for corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups such as VW, DB, E.ON, Porsche, PWC etc.

I also have experience as: Personnel developer with responsibility for over 4500 employees throughout Europe; studies in business psychology as well as active work as a lecturer at various universities e.g. FH Fresnius, FH Westküste.

Many employees are trapped in their old thought patterns at work. I support your employees in coping with stress in a healthy way in the future and in facing the challenges of everyday working life with greater resilience.


More than 7000 satisfied participants, 5500 hours of training experience virtually & in presence as well as the internal company award "Trainer of the Year" as trainer with the best annual feedback rate, confirm my expertise and passion as an online trainer.


Toni Burmeister

"Dealing effectively with stress is a question of personal attitude!"

Value proposition


Happier, more productive & motivated employees

Customized concepts

Implementation guarantee & broad network of experts

Sustainable learning success and practical transfer

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